Lawrence J. Friedman, PhD

“Those of us who read and write broadly in the field of psychohistory stand to gain enormously from The Making of Psychohistory. Dr. Elovitz reviews psychohistory more fully and critically than preceding accounts of the discipline. Through his eminently readable narrative, we psychohistorians might now feel ‘grounded’—we stand to know quite clearly when our field began and where we now seem to be headed. Most encouragingly, Elovitz gives us a new confidence in psychohistory’s durability. It will inform our perspectives and those of our students for a very long time.”

(Lawrence J. Friedman, PhD, visiting professor at the Mind/Brain/Behavior Initiative at Harvard University and professor emeritus of history at Indiana University)

Peter Barglow, MD

“The Makers of Psychohistory is an extraordinary and comprehensive book and I am deeply impressed by its importance and impact.  The author is very honest, open, self-revealing, fair, and modest.  This fine scholarship is certainly the landmark “bible” of the field.  The author had a tough task, and is too modest to include himself as prominent or eminent in his field, but this fact is obvious.  I consider this work to be durable, influential, and wonderful!”

(Peter Barglow, MD, is a retired professor of psychiatry at both Northwestern University School of Medicine and the University of California at Davis Medical School who is a Research Associate of the Psychohistory Forum.)

Peter Loewenberg, PhD

The Making of Psychohistory is an epochal publishing event. Paul Elovitz has the unique position and competence to survey and synthesize the burgeoning and innovative field of psychohistory. He knows and lays out the characters and ideas, the changes and nuanced interrelationships between the major players and concepts, and pulls them together with expertise, verve, and insight.”

(Peter Loewenberg, PhD, professor emeritus of history and psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles and training and supervising analyst at the New Center for Psychoanalysis, Los Angeles)

James William Anderson, PhD

“Elovitz has written the first substantial history of the contentious, often reviled field of psychohistory. He has done so with thoughtfulness and verve. What causes the book especially to stand out is that he was centrally involved in the field since the 1960s, knew most of the key figures, and is able to describe the controversies from the perspective of an insider.”

(James William Anderson, PhD, professor of clinical psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Northwestern University)

Vivian Rosenberg, PhD

“I just finished reading The Making of Psychohistory & thoroughly enjoyed it!  I especially liked its personal, conversational tone—a style prominent historians like Jill Lepore of Harvard are currently using in their prize-winning books.”

(Vivian Rosenberg, PhD, Emerita professor of Humanities at Drexel University)

William R. Meyers, PhD

The Making of Psychohistory is a remarkably candid, charming  and knowledgeable book on the  embattled field of psychohistory by one of its key figures and one of its most important proponents.  Elovitz’s  knowledge is voluminous and  he  knows where the bodies are buried.  His insight into the history of the field it Is extraordinary and his relationship with the field from his very beginnings shines through this book.  It is a wonderfully balanced book written in a very accessible style, and illustrated with personal interactions and personal history.  It is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand this crucial and complex field. Related books in this tradition and of interest to the general  reader  are Jacques Szaluta’s  definitivePsychohistory: Pro and Con,’”and David Beisel’s  brilliant The Suicidal Embrace: Hitler, The Allies, and the Origins of the Second  World War, which shows what psychohistory can do if done well.

(William R. Meyers, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Cincinnati)

Interview with Author

Ken Fuchsman and Paul Elovitz discuss The Making of Psychohistory

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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