William R. Meyers, PhD

The Making of Psychohistory is a remarkably candid, charming  and knowledgeable book on the  embattled field of psychohistory by one of its key figures and one of its most important proponents.  Elovitz’s  knowledge is voluminous and  he  knows where the bodies are buried.  His insight into the history of the field it Is extraordinary and his relationship with the field from his very beginnings shines through this book.  It is a wonderfully balanced book written in a very accessible style, and illustrated with personal interactions and personal history.  It is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand this crucial and complex field. Related books in this tradition and of interest to the general  reader  are Jacques Szaluta’s  definitivePsychohistory: Pro and Con,’”and David Beisel’s  brilliant The Suicidal Embrace: Hitler, The Allies, and the Origins of the Second  World War, which shows what psychohistory can do if done well.

(William R. Meyers, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Cincinnati)

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